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Flirt the wind, ein fehler ist aufgetreten.

On my SNOWBALL, the battery fits snugly into a compartment in the lower part of the EPP motor mount block, with a thin foam side cover that simply tapes in place for colder weather flying, and that works well.

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On Wednesday afternoon, when I didn't have time to get out to fly, there was a nice smooth 3 to 4" thick layer of snow across the entire surface of my 'Antelope Flats' flying site which I'd mowed down fairly short in October.

I split the elevator in the center to form two elevons.

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Once the top front doubler panel is added, the wing's leading edge area is quite strong. Landing with a ski tip pointed down was always an unsettling experience In order to view it without pauses, it may be best to right-click on this link, and tell your system to save it to somewhere on your local computer.

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With temperatures in the single digits this A. I had also added the fluorescent orange trim tape to the underside to help maintain visual orientation.

The result is that there is none of the pitch sensitivity which a flat plate wing can exhibit, and it is capable of handling full-throttle flight smoothly and predictably.

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You can also see the three under-tail fins which keep the elevons up off the ground, and protect the extended rudder's lower end from ground strike damage. Flying weight with the 2S mAH battery is now up to 7.

SZA uses Forrest Gump's famous quote, "Life is like a box of chocolates" to represent what she has to offer as a partner.

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That aircraft started life with elevons only, and gained the rudder later; the rudder increased it's maneuverability nicely! Once the download is completed, you can watch it uninterupted. After four hours at 1: Draw the antenna wire through until the mark which you made 2" from the receiver is just at the pinhole.

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No sod farms around here I then take a piece of soft wire or string and make two loops in it 10" apart. It's now also easy to roll it inverted and hold it there.

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