Grace-full Nail Polish Super Polish Girls Swatches and Review Grace-full Nail Polish Super Polish Girls Swatches and Review

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Vamp Vixen will be available at a slightly discounted price because the holo and shimmer pigment sinks. But otherwise, you have a lovely colour with awesome duochrome flakies, and good opacity that allows you to build them over another colour or be built up to full opacity, making them very versatile.

Glitter Glamazon Glitter Glamazon is a royal blue jelly base packed with ultra holographic gold and blue microglitters. Born Pretty Store Duochrome Flakie Shell Glitter 4 over Nails Inc Victoria I found that one coat gave me a nice amount of flakie polishes, and the polish consistency was on the slightly thick side, but manageable.

Friday May 5th at 7pm CDT. Here, I've worn it one coat over Nails Inc Victoria, which is a deep red burgundy creme. The Manhattan Aqua Sky polish just looked pretty in the shop, not too familiar with the brand and have a feeling that this one might be too sheer for my satisfaction.

P In addition to the polishes I purchased myself I was lucky enough to visit an actual nail polish company and was kindly offered a lot of polish to feature in my blog!!!

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However, I am excited to show you my holiday polish haul. Vamp Vixen Vamp Vixen is a deep, dark, vampy red holographic with added shimmer.

D Others are about fiveish years, the blue glitter used to be one of my most favourite polishes! I figure layering it over a fairly basic colour like burgundy would help. Sorry for the shiny skin in the photo below, by the way - that's cuticle oil you're seeing.

I had two colours, 4 and 11, so I figured I'll show you guys how they fared on me. If you want to, you can layer coats depending on coat thickness to get full opacity. I love these, and I totally intend to give them full rotation in my stash! Mosaic nail art brushes!!!