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For popular destinations, don't forget to book well in advance or confirm that your tour package covers lodging.

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Try Argentine steak and taste local chimichurri along with it. During what months is basketball season?

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Even in the summer months, El Calafate can be really cold and it can snow! The northern and southern resorts differ massively in terms of terrain.

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Malbec is a fantastic grape that perfectly accompanies meat dishes. I also like going for a boat ride that takes me along the delta: Furthermore, one of Argentina tourist attractions is the Tren del Fin del Mundo, a fantastic train ride that goes through the Tierra del Fuego National Park.

What do you do? This is a kilometer, 16 hour round trip into the Andes from the town of Salta.

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Bariloche 2 nights Where to Stay Bariloche is known for a couple of things; outdoor activities, such as skiing and trekking, and chocolate shops.

I know what to do in Buenos Aires next time I go: The city makes for a good base for lots of activities and if you love wine, come to this region and drink its famous Malbecs.

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