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He escapes from the clinic, and is sheltered by a sympathetic resident who reluctantly helps him plan his escape.

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On the way to Rockwell Falls he is distracted by a woman falling off a horse and his vehicle hits a pothole and bursts two tires. The residents of Rockwell Falls believe that the word 'solidarity' has a numerological value of 13, which is also the sum of the digits ofthe town's population There are also 13 letters in the town's name.

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People make vague allusions to 'the fever', and several residents treat him as though he were not just a visitor, but has moved to Rockwell Falls permanently.

After setting fire to the town garage as a diversion, Kady rescues Amanda from the clinic, but is forced to leave Courtney behind after discovering that she has been lobotomized by Dr.

The story also contains references to numerologyin particular Biblical numerology. After witnessing the execution of a seemingly willing woman at a town feast, Kady becomes hysterical, and is taken to the clinic to be treated for the 'fever'.

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People who try to leave Rockwell Falls seem to meet with bizarre and deadly accidents, or just vanish, which the residents believe to be the work of God. Anyone who expresses a desire to leave is treated for the 'fever' by Dr.

This is particularly apparent in the sequence where the resident who is to be sacrificed to keep the population down is selected by drawing a name from a box full of slips of paper on which residents have written their names.

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It gradually becomes apparent to Kady that the residents of Rockwell Falls have no intention of allowing him to leave. He also befriends Amanda, a young girl whose father was killed trying to escape from the town and who is being held at the clinic of Dr Greaver, the town doctor, on the pretext of treating her for schizophrenia.