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Kruja Bazaar was taken under the auspices of the government inand in took the first serious intervention for its reconstruction. Kruja then served again as the center of Arber and in the XV century, will be the center of attention of all of the European Nations that were threatened by the Ottoman invasion.

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In the later centuries, it will have a decline in the importance in the area of Kruja, which was followed by a displacement of the population. The environment of undressing is preserved until today. This investment was completed in the month of April, and was the second renovation of the Bazaar in Kruje since the death of Skanderbeg.

The museum is something of a secular shrine, and takes itself very seriously indeed, the museum is very organized with giant statues and dramatic battle murals. Some adjustments were made during the nineteenth century but the fortification could not turn in their luster.

In the half of the century XIV, Kruja is the capital center of the Topia tribe, with developed trade and crafts, making the castle rise the place of the oldest neighborhoods.

By residents init fell to in Inan uprising broke out that was organized by John Kastrioti, The father of Skanderbeg — The walls ranges from 0.

In the monument of Gjeorgi Kastriti Skanderbeg, the national hero of Albania rises in the center of Kruja town who gave a brilliant reputation to the city of Kruja.