PHP: MongoWriteBatch - Manual PHP: MongoWriteBatch - Manual

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No caso de arquivo ". The number of connections to the same host is restricted by --max-connection-per-server option. Por examplo, definindo sha-1 o resultado parece com: The loaded data will be used in some URI selector such as feedback.

Piece means fixed length segment which is downloaded in parallel in segmented download. Um tema se inicia com. Like feedback, it uses a performance profile of servers.

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See Perfil Performance Servidor subsection below for file format. The observed download speed is a part of performance profile of servers mentioned in --server-stat-of and --server-stat-if options. Para limpar o proxy anteriormente definido use "". Isto afeta todas URIs.

Please note that aria2 honors --min-split-size option, so it will be necessary to specify a reasonable value to --min-split-size option. This means that if Metalink defines the maxconnections attribute lower than N, then aria2 uses the value of maxconnections attribute instead of N.

If geom is given, at the beginning aria2 selects piece which has minimum index like inorder, but it exponentially increasingly keeps space from previously selected piece.

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Para limpar proxy previamente definido, use "". See also --min-split-size option.

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Por exemplo, considere download de um arquivo de 20MiB. This also effectively skips dead mirrors. This is reasonable default behaviour because establishing connection is an expensive operation.