Prosopopoeia definição e significado | Dicionário Inglês Collins Prosopopoeia definição e significado | Dicionário Inglês Collins

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Rather than simply tell them what happened, he would delve into the persona of the characters from his life.

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It turned out that the person who had called the boss had already hung up when he got to the office, so he turned right around and came back.

Sara Emilie Guyer, 3 Feeling in Theory: However, if you set out to do it, you could easily lose the delicate balance of the poem.


He had a way with words and with grabbing your attention, and he could make prosopopoeia very believable. Saying that inanimate objects in nature are doing things makes them come alive, and this can be very effective. In some sense, Gubar and Hungerford inhabit the positions held several decades earlier by M.

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He would reenact what they had said in the way that they had said it. He caught the guy mocking him, and our laughter and smiles quickly turned to stony silence. He did get caught one day, and she sent him to the office.

Yang spells out his literary and social In the first, on William Wordsworth's Essays upon Epitaphs, de Man describes "the prosopopoeia of voice and name" as "a figure of reading or understanding that I felt so sorry for him, because I had been scared for him long before he ever got caught!

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Of course, the boss had no idea that he was being mocked. I think the only way that it could be overused is if a person is doing it intentionally.