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The release was a single double-sided disc, with one film on each side. The Battle for Endor' isn't that it's badly done; on the contrary, it's wonderfully well done.

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But when it's over it's over, and there is no residue. Costumes and makeup for the 'Sanyassans' are nice too, nothing original but they do the job, 'Terak' the leader looks the best of course, even has white balding hair which actually gives him a good sense of depth and history.

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Anderson explains the origins of Charal the witch who kidnaps Cindel in The Battle for Endor in relation to The Courtship of Princess Leia, in that it reveals that she was once one of the Nightsistersa dark side force-using sect of witches from the planet Dathomir.

It was released theatrically in the UK as a limited run in the Spring of Much the same deal as the first Ewok adventure only this is slightly better methinks. In the "regional" section of this issue, the article "Moddell Starship Search Abandoned", explains that the search has been called off for the rescue of Salek Weet and Noa Briqualon, which had been funded by Salek's father, Jimke Weet.

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Audience Reviews for Ewoks: The search was said to have been called off due to the fact that Jimke had to file bankruptcy due to his expenses in the search. Since the painting now existed on the original film, there would be no generational quality loss.

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The story was actually pretty interesting as well. However, an Ewok costume from An Ewok Adventure opposed to another Ewok costume from Return of the Jedi and Teek were included in the instructional short.

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Many times, the characters, locations, or other elements are elaborated on in greater detail. Additionally, they argue, that while the Star Wars saga also has tropes from fairy tales, it adhered more towards science fiction tropes.

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