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Like the Paladin and Shadowknight, these two classes play similar to eachother with a few little differences. There were so many adventures to go on, and the other players made it all worthwhile.

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Players arrive in one of five tutorial areas: Level shifting is another key feature, which allows a character to change level through a Chronomage in 5 level increments. Each adventure class has three trees of achievement abilities to invest in. Inquisitor Inquistors are great healers and they wears plate armor, this makes them extremely hard to kill as they have high mitigation and can heal.

Forming a guild in EverQuest II is a pretty simple process that requires you to come up with six or more like-minded players and a reasonable sum of gold.

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Theoretically this would solve the AMD issue, but if you want to believe that Daybreak has been putting AMD processors in mind when designing its future games, then someone please explain the abysmal performance of Landmark?

The answer is, if anything, probably a lot of guild-specific agendas.

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Inquisitors also have a variety of healing tools, with an emphasis on reactive heals and debuffs, and can spec into a very desirable soloing configuration with good DPS. Some players have even gone as far as using custom made private dungeons as storage spaces for their housing items you can store up to 2, items in a player-made dungeon.

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All are considered strong soloing classes either due to pets, CC or sheer damaging ability, even though all are ultimately cloth-wearing glass cannons.

Everquest 2 - Class Overview by: Also bear in mind that the guides were required to follow a very strict set of rules and they were always very closely monitored by a senior guide, or an elder guide, depending on the situation.

Higher guild levels unlock new items, mounts, houses, guild halls, and other privileges for its members.

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The game does a fairly good job of letting you get your bearings in each new area, thanks to an onscreen compass, a pop-up map of your surroundings, and a journal that automatically keeps track of the quests you've undertaken.

Even the game's warrior-type classes, which are relatively simplistic in EverQuest, have lots of unique powers. I remember so many times when I could wander into a dungeon and find someone to play with immediately, and I remember being invited to groups just walking through a town.

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