Autorickshaw — Bangalore auto rickshaw - tampered meters Autorickshaw — Bangalore auto rickshaw - tampered meters

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I also squeezed inside the bus. What is life of Battery?

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Ola was the first off the block and started offering auto-rickshaws through its app last year. Rabelli plans to take a road trip with his custom built solar powered tuk-tuk from Bangalore to London, hoping to show people how a small team without much resources can travel long distances using clean energy.

One night when I was coming from Majestic after seeing off my friend from the railway station. A report even suggests that the company is offering auto rickshaw drivers "quick training on etiquettes. When they break down, only two or three drivers are required to fully lift them off the ground and they can be easily pushed by one driver.

India is the only country where cab-hailing apps can be used to summon three-wheeled rides as well. Hiring an auto often involves bargaining with the driver.

Competition among 'share' auto-wallahs has led to the virtual standardization of fare per passenger based on their destination.

In rush traffic many autos can be found waiting to be hired. In these cases, a model release or other evidence of consent could protect you from infringement claims.