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Elca council meeting devotions for dating, 7,710,870 active members and growing

The treasurer provided an analysis of the Recovery Plan adopted by the Synod Council in February, Usually the meetings consist of a briefing in the open door Security Council in which the SC Member states take their seat in the main table yet other delegations are welcome to take a seat in the audience.

Thanks to Barry Gill and friends from Trinity. Pastor Kurt Strause moved the following recommendation on behalf of the Finance and Budget Committee: Many times even a single press statement is debated over and over again because some words may not be of satisfaction to a country in representing their perspective.

It damages the buildings the ELCA were meeting in. Are there emotions that are holding you captive? They threaten to stop all financial relations with Israel. For clarification the Treasurer identified the changes made in the following line items: The campaign is not self-supporting and the Recovery Plan, as it currently exists, is not a viable mechanism to pay for campaign expenses.

Letters need to be sent to FLAMe pastors and Council to ask for representatives to attend a special meeting in February.

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Candidacy — Susan Birkelo reported on Mission Development classes at the seminary. Tell them that the kingdom is here. Barry Note the date change. Additional March events will be posted in our letter to the congregations.