Feature: The Best PS2 Classics That Need to Come to PS4 - Push Square Feature: The Best PS2 Classics That Need to Come to PS4 - Push Square

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Takedown is for many the ultimate arcade racer. A memorable cast of characters and a huge world made it a cel-shaded gem. It'll now work with any compatible games.

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Follow these steps to set up your DualShock 4 controller with a Mac wirelessly. Coast 2 Coast re-imagined Yu Suzuki's legendary arcade racing game for a new generation, and is still enjoyable today.

PlayStation 4 pro wall mount

Bluepoint's brilliant PS3 remaster fixed many of the problems with ICO, but even if we have to deal with the technical issues that plagued the PS2 original, we reckon that any PlayStation console is better when blessed with as many Fumito Ueda titles as possible.

Coast 2 Coast Another title likely to be affected by licensing issues, Outrun Auto Modellista Perhaps best remembered for its art style rather than its racing, Auto Modellista's cel-shaded look deserves to be seen by a new generation.

The wall mount consists of three special developed parts which together ensures a solid solution that stabilises the console. We'd like to see the classic joined by Silent Hill: God Hand Talked about more for its infamous IGN review, God Hand is a third-person beat-'em-up that splits opinion like no other — and we'd love for the conversation to be revisited.

The device will now say connected, and you'll see how. We have collected the most important information that is important for you to be aware of. Blood Money still has some legendary missions that are worth experiencing. Carefully string the audio cables to the chair and connect them into the audio input jacks on the control panel on the side of the chair.

Tomb Raider Anniversary Lara Croft didn't exactly have the greatest time on the PS2, but Tomb Raider Anniversary was a pretty decent remake of the original game by Crystal Dynamics, and while the series' gameplay has evolved more recently, it'd be great to go back to the series' puzzle platforming roots.

Persona 3 is an essential slice of JRPG action — and a must-play for fans of the more recent games. Its art style still holds up, even if its gameplay is hard-as-nails.

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Made in Denmark Functionallity rigthts: Plug the appropriate end of the power adaptor that was packaged with the chair into the control panel on the side.