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Dynon 120 ems flap and trim hook up, write your own review

Many of the pages provided offer a high degree of user-defined configurability to accommodate different engine types and pilot preferences. This constant scan significantly reduces the pilots workload while providing a more thorough and consistent review.

It will only initially be available for the following engines: Pilots can manually start and stop the logging function to capture specific flight conditions of interest, and also manually mark points in time to take a closer look at.

A wide cockpit panel provides plenty of room for glass panel avionics. During the initial setup, installers determine which gauges are indicated, their operational ranges, and whether an alarm is manifested along with its behavior.

Dynon D120 Engine Management System (EMS)

This provides balanced two finger flight control. A split-screen display environment provides pilots with an excellent overview of the system coupled with additional pages of auxiliary information all available upon demand. Due to the tapered laminar airfoil and the slotted flaps the P Sierra Mk2 is an outstanding aircraft with the perfect mix of aerodynamics, performance, and structural efficiency.

The price includes the instrument, a convenient mounting tray, three year warranty and free lifetime software updates available from Dynon's website. It uses all of the data that engine manufacturers publish in their power charts, including altitude. Pilots can enable or disable the data logging function and store data in 1, 10 or 60 second intervals.

What makes the EMS-D so powerful is its ability to continuously monitor up to 27 available sensor inputs that cover the engine, fuel and other miscellaneous systems and annunciate any abnormality immediately upon detection.

This degree of engine specific and pilot preferential customization when combined with a multi-page type of display and pilot configured checklists all add up to provide a unique presentation tailored to fit almost any need.

The sunlight-readable, color display and softkey menu system result in a user-friendly instrument that enhances overall safety and peace of mind.

The horizontal stabilator tail design, provides remarkable longitudinal hands-off stability along with minimum drag and weight penalty. Probes may also be purchased individually to monitor other engine types not specifically accommodated for by Dynon's probe packages.