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The dining area has a long, rectangular table made of onyx and wood. It is separated from the terrace by a water curtain-water cascading down a glass. The formal living room is minimally decorated and has alcoves for candles.

It is also used for its sound and visual feel. It is ideally designed to be clutter free and provide as much free space possible. Leaf motifed silk wall covers have been used.

Onyx is used as part of the furniture, which exudes a sense of warmth to the space.

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The focus here is the uneven bed, built with two different materials. Parents bedroom is located at 6th level.

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It is designed as a spartan space overlooking the dense green foliage of the CV Raman Institute grounds. A water body is provided at one end to soothe the senses.

The apartment is located in a complex called Palace Orchards and is spread over sq.

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The color palette reflects a sense of welcome. All treatments such as wall covers, paints, stone finishes are tightly bound to the concept of the space being designed. Each space has been created uniquely and on its own merit.

Located on 6th and 7th floor, it offers a view of virtually the entire city sprawled out below. The walls have been clad in marble till half height and incorporate niches to keep the Ganesh idols that the family has been collecting since years.

Guest room, located on 6th floor, is designed to be cozy and comfortable. It is designed to entice the guests to appreciate the open panoramic views of the city of Bengaluru.