How to Grow Drumstick Trees (Moringa) in Pots - My Organic Garden How to Grow Drumstick Trees (Moringa) in Pots - My Organic Garden

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OR Grind 10 grams bark of Drumstick tree. Asthma, Bronchitis, Tuberculosis Person needs to prepare the soup from leaves of Drum stick twice daily as well as take in fresh soup. Regular consumption of Drumstick helps in regulating the thyroid functions and reduces the occurrence of Hyperthyroidism.

Drumstick pods, leaves and also flowers are utilized in preparing soups since they are anti-biotic naturally.

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Many plants we use have strong roots in culture and tradition and flowers used for decoration. Vandana decided to use her research skills in the real world.

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Drumstick Moringa oleifera is actually a broadly grown variety of healing plant which has been noted for its therapeutic qualities since a very long time. Indigenous to the southern foothills of the Himalayas, within the north-western zone of India, drumsticks are now broadly grown within the African continent and Middle East too.

Our service is professional, affordable, quick in execution and very gentle on the earth! As soon as I gave the go ahead, within a day everything was organised for the garden to be set up. His rural upbringing gives him an extensive knowledge base on traditional plants and gardening.

He has gained experience working with urban gardens, clients and the design team over the last few years Garden maintainence We understand how much energy it takes to maintain your garden.

However, it has a brittle stem, which makes it easily susceptible to gusty winds. Drumstick contains a chemical compound called Quercetin. Drumstick has been proven to play a major role in treating cancer.

Drumsticks are recognized to offer healthy and strong bones and are also believed to purify the blood. OR Grind the bark of Drumstick and apply it on the wounds.