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Only fire killed Thread on land: Unbeknownst to Menolly or her parents, her former mentor Petiron had sent several of Menolly's original compositions to Masterharper Robinton of Harper Hallwhere Robinton is now frantic to locate this mysterious new composer, though unaware that the composer is female.

Ruatha Hold, too, became overcrowded in a few generations. But in the natural course of events, the Red Star again spun close to Pern, winking with a baleful red eye on its intended victim.

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The ancient cave-pocked cones of extinct volcanoes in the Benden mountains proved so suitable to the dragonmen and women that they searched and found several more throughout Pern, and left Fort Hold and Ruatha Hold for the pastoral colonists, the holders.

Menolly is overwhelmed when Robinton christian singles travel tour her to Harper Hall to become his apprentice and gladly accepts the offer.


Searching Ruatha Hold, they found a strong woman, Lessa, the only surviving member of the proud bloodline of Ruatha Hold. The colonists suffered staggering losses in terms of people scored to death, and in crops and vegetation wiped out completely.

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The people prospered, spreading out across the rich land, carving more Holds out of solid rock and becoming so busy with their pursuits, that they did not realize that there were only a few dragons in the skies, and only one Weyr of dragonriders left on Pern.

Holds developed wherever natural caves could be found: The legends of past braveries, and the very reason for such courage, became dishonored. For two generations, the colonists gave the bright red star little thought, until the path of the wanderer brought it close to its stepsister at perihelion.

It had five planets, two asteroid belts, and a stray planet it had attracted and held in recent millennia. It took a strong man to keep frantic, terrified people in control in the Holds during Thread attacks: So that one Lord Holder could not deny the products of a Crafthall situated in his Hold to others, the Crafts were decreed independent of a Hold affiliation, each Craftsmaster at a hall owing allegiance only to the Master of that particular craft who, as the need arose, took likely students in as fosterlings.

She assists the fire-lizard queen in relocating her clutch to safety from Thread, thereby winning the creature's trust. But in the natural course of events, the Red Star again spun close to Pern, winking with a baleful red eye on its intended victim.

However, such projects took the last of the fuel for the great stonecutters, originally thought to be used for the most diffident mining since Pern was light on metals, and any subsequent holds and weyrs were hand-hewn.

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Foreword Rukbat, in the Sagittarian Sector, was a golden G-type star. Except for the return of the Red Star approximately every two hundred years, life was pleasant on Pern.

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