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Open - A carriage that does not have a roof that is often used as a summer recreational vehicle. Unicorn—Three horses hitched as a team with one horse in front of the team, driven by a man or woman Four—Four horses hitched as two teams, one pair in front of the other, driven by a man or woman Six [1] -- Six horses hitched as three teams, one in front of another, driven by a man or woman Eight—Eight horses hitched as four teams, one in front of another, driven by a man or woman "Breeding" or " Halter " classes are also offered at many shows.

Carriages There are several types of horse drawn vehicles available today that are used for carrying heavy loads or passengers such as for pleasure, show and competition purposes.

Finally, the judge places all of the hitches in the order of his or her preference. Hames - Used in conjunction with a full padded collar, it is the hames which take the main puling force. The browband helps the bridle to remain in position and allows attachment for the winker Stay.

Hames can be made out of metal or wood and curve around the padded collar. Considered an unsafe hitch by many drivers, since the tendency for the lead horse to turn around and face the wheel horse.

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Rein Terrets - In teams of driving horses a ring through which the reins will pass can be found on the outside of the bridle of the wheel horses, which is the horse closest to the carriage or cart, this is so that the reins can pass through from the driver to the lead horses.

Winker Stay - A leather strap that attaches the top of each blinker to the centre of the browband and on the the headpiece, ensuring that the blinkers remain in position. Browband - A leather strap that attaches to the headpiece of the bridle and goes around the front of the horse face just below the ears.

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The judge is observing each hitch from the middle of the ring where he or she is standing. The hitches enter the arena one at a time, following one another.

Blinkers or Winkers - These are positioned at the side of the bridle at eye level and are used to keep the horse looking forward. A couple more laps are made going in this clockwise direction.

A crupper attaches to the back part of the surcingle or to the back strap and travels along he horses back to the tail where it loops under the dock.