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When Sesshomaru and Kagome arrive, the former takes on the possessed Inuyasha, while the latter attempts to retrieve Tessaiga, which Magatsuhi tossed aside due to its connection to Inuyasha's senses.

She encounters Inuyasha, who ends up being possessed by Magatsuhi after a failed attempt of attack.

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It doesn't get any easier. Join for free today and meet potential partners immediately. When Kagome questions Naraku about whether his real wish has come true, he becomes enraged.

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Are you UPP for a Date? Join today to start chatting and find the perfect person for that first date. Miroku follows and she decides to die with him there.

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Inuyasha, Kagome and Miroku see Naraku's true body as his miasma starts to fill the air. They are sophisticated, stylish, artistic and sensual. Miroku and Sango fall again, but are joined by Shippo.

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