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Directv genie mini hookup culture. Directv genie whole-home hd dvr reviewed

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A separate Joey is connected to each TV, which connects to the Hopper. As the first pay-TV provider to enter the market, DirecTV earned credit for its speedy uptake of 4K inbut the company has also had to manage expectations around its limited UHD experience ever since.

If a user is in range of a home Internet connection.

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Check out our dedicated video services content channel here on Light Reading. Want to know more about pay-TV market trends?


The coming of the 4K Genie Mini changes things Not only can a user pause and rewind live TV shows, they can also record up to eight shows at once during primetime.

This will allow different shows to be viewed and recorded on each separate TV.

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An external hard drive can also be connected for more recording hours. You can search by actor, team name, show name, anchor, etc.

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I am always up for a good suggestion to discover new content, but so far, the recommendations haven't been anything that I've committed any hard drive space to at this point. A Wi-Fi connection is required. The Genie can also allow a viewer to record in one room and watch the program in another room.

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There are also apps for Pandora and YouTube, which are becoming pretty ubiquitous on TVs, Blu-ray players and devices like the Roku box. It is also simple to use to stream videos.

As for DirecTV, there are no details yet on when it will offer live 4K content, but at least the company is paving the way with new Genie set-tops that support UHD.

This is about hours of recorded programming.