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Abstract Africa is known for the vast open plains which contain the big five, the great migration of wildebeest and zebra as well as the great varied range of wonderful indigenous flora. Night and days specialised and diverse forms of Lepidoptera pollination in the orchid Bonatea Marco Balducci Marco is fairly new to the orchid scene having previously done an honours degree in invasion biology at the University of Pretoria.

The genus is characterised by extensive basal fusion of the sepals, petals and stigmatic arms with the presence of a perianth tooth in the spur mouth. Abstract The terrestrial orchid genus Bonatea Wild. Bonatea cassidea was visited exclusively diurnally by butterflies.

We expect it to act as a guide for South African orchid growers and gardeners. His master's research primarily involves unravelling the pollination biology of the fairly unknown terrestrial orchid genus Bonatea.

The Cape floral kingdom is one of the regions with such great diversity. After being employed as a senior horticulturist for some years, I eventually decided it was time to do my own thing.

Download the full paper Evaluating-the-horticultural-potential-African-orchids-T. There is, however, a wondrous variety of orchids which can be found on the continent and its surrounding islands.

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Flowers are typically green and white, strongly scented with a single nectariferous spur. I love seeing orchids grow in nature and we take every available opportunity to go and search for orchids in the natural habitat.

We strive to supply the local market with the latest hybrids and also sought-after species.