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Others work for museums and pharmaceutical companies. Richardson was a disciple of the benighted John Horne Tookewhose 18th-century theories long held back the development of philology in England.


Over 75, articles to keep you learning and growing. In particular, the contentious Webster had gained a reputation as a reformer of spelling and a champion of American innovations while the quiet Worcester followed traditions. A Dictionary in English and Welsh. It contained much encyclopaedic material but bears comparison even with the OED.

Those who work in hospitals can become senior illustrators and supervise the work of other artists, while those who work for commercial art studios can oversee all illustrations for large-scale projects, such as textbooks. A Welsh-English dictionary by William Salesbury in brought another language into requisition: Petersburg published the first edition of its dictionary somewhat later, from to Some medical illustrators move into high-level teaching jobs.

Some of these have survived from the 7th and 8th centuries—and in some cases they preserve the earliest recorded forms in English. Take notes and save articles, images, and videos in one convenient location.

The students in this 3rd grade classroom are using the Encarta dictionary software, and an on-screen keyboard, to look up an unknown word they came across during a reading lesson.