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However it was announced that Elva Hsiao ended the romance in June Achievements Elva's1st album Elva Hsiao Self-Titled Album had overwhelming success in Asia, topping record charts and out selling several established singers.

Rumors says that their year age gap could be a barrier for the couple. Some critics also commented Elva was avoiding the back of Warner's original General Manager Sam Chen who has a bad name in Chinese music industry in controlling and creating fake statistics for his artists.

While the year-old was seen chatting with her female friend, eyewitnesses noticed that he was transfixed on her the whole night.

For a year, Elva rested as record companies fought over her next contract. They were introduced to each other by Hsiao's friend, fashionista and socialite Janet Yang, who wanted to shake off Hsiao's blues after she parted ways with Cheo, reported Apple Daily.

Ex-boyfriend Cheo has apparently given his blessings, "hoping that everything goes well for Elva, and I'm happy for them", according to Apple Daily.

She has had film roles in two movies: At that time she was in Los Angeles working on dance choreography. However, none faced as much trouble as Elva, whose album was delayed from September till December and eventually Warner announced that the album would be delayed indefinitely.

Career Her singing career starts in Vancouver. Instead, they would create a new entertainment empire spanning over film productions, artist management, concert production, publishing and both digital and traditional music industries.

Elva Hsiao is one of the top Taiwanese Mandopop singers. According to reports, Michael, joined Hsiao's fashion label Carry Me as the general manager and consultant in the beginning of this year.

In addition, she also held her concert in Singapore in the same year. She became one of the 12 finalists but did not place in the top 5.

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Taiwan media reported last week that her new rumoured beau is a Tom Cruise look-alike named Michael. This angered the fans, who had been waiting patiently. She described the switch as "going back home" as she was among the first few artists signed by Virgin Music Chinese in when the division was first established.