Scolded by your boss time and time again? What to do next Scolded by your boss time and time again? What to do next

Dating someone smarter than your boss, personal data collected

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If scolding is an offshoot of sexual harassment If scolding has an element of discrimination, i. You may respect your partner for his intelligence, yet dealing with a know-it-all can be exasperating. Never ever badmouth or gossip about your boss.

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Enumerated below are the valid reasons: Don't let that stress get to you; don't resort to smoking or consuming alcohol or lose your sleep over it. All parents wish that their child should marry an intelligent partner and when you take home a smart boy, he has won all hearts instantly!

It could be his leadership skills, strategic acumen, connections, decisiveness, or simply likeability. Most of us never know exactly how intelligent and smart we are as we go through our day to day lives.

Learn to cope with the stress Dealing with a boss who does little else besides making your life miserable can be very stressful. None of us are exempt from it, and based on experience, the more I moved up the ladder, the simple dressing down became more direct and bordering to insult.

Here's what to do when you’re smarter than your boss

When you disagree or point out a problem, do it privately and with respect. Am I really smarter than my boss? Get mentors elsewhere and move towards self-learning. Look for places where their points of weakness match your strengths, and focus yourself as much as possible in that area.

It was during these very sickening moments of my career that pushed me to realize that I had to steer the wheel by myself to get to the right destination. Take the high road. And you probably went through a lot of resentment and anger--perfectly understandable for someone who's trying to do their own job and their boss's, while the boss draws a big paycheck and keeps going.