Russian scammer Natalia Matvievskaya (Lugansk,Ukraine) from Lugansk, Ukraine. Scam check. Russian scammer Natalia Matvievskaya (Lugansk,Ukraine) from Lugansk, Ukraine. Scam check.

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Wire transfers of funds to Russian and Ukrainian banks is, according to my sister, quite common. I finished special Lyceum in mathematics and physics when I was May be he found other woman or he just changed his mind.

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You made my greatest desire come true!!! It'll be hard but I'll try to explain what I shouldn't do in fact. Her profile was nice and she appeared to be a sincere woman. I am your friend forever!!! Thank you again, darling for your care about me, nobody in this life treated me as good as you, except my parents.

I am so happy that you are coming!!!

Scammer: Yana Yavdoshchuk, Yalta, Lugansk, Ukraine

May be you will be that person who will make m happy who knows? How do you think? So after a second response from her with no answers to the questions I had asked and after reading your site I decided to try something to see if she was genuine.

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Rather than agreeing to a Western Union arrangement, I politely tell her that both my accountant and banker tell me such an arrangement is not an option under the circumstances. All known additional details of this scammer, which we have. Lugansk is strategically positioned in the Donetsk Basin, which is an ideal location for a metallurgical facility due to the abundance of natural resources, including coal.

Kisses, Natali This is the comments of our visitors. For the extra money that you send me I will buy some tasty food for my family, and I will tell them about you, we all will pray for your health and happiness!!! Guess she's been at it quite some time. To eliminate all Russian and Ukranian ladies from their site would be unjust to the innocent.

If you are ready to spend your time and money to travel around the world and a girl can not even do skype video chat with you, don't waste your time and better don't come.