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Dating packen linux mint, you'll break everything

Naturally, Linux Mint developers would like to prevent this from happening. Some files may not be checked for compatibility, and some conflict with the main system packages, which ultimately may cause harm to your system. If you installed the packages by hand it is not possible to update the software automatically.

We all know that the system will work stably with the already installed software, designed for the average computer user, and additional specific programs can be installed from the software Manager of Linux Mintwhich are located in them by categories: Download Linux Mint Mainly, the team is focusing on safeguarding against accidental package removals.

Do not use the installation scripts of programs such as: The development cycle for the new version has only just started, but there are a few things known already.

KDE is being dropped from Linux Mint Never experiment in the working system, however it is tempting, just to try something new, because you can stay, in the end, with a broken system.

Linux Mint 19 “Tara” New Features and Release Date

Apart from the visual changes, there are slight performance improvements as well. Personally, I think Xfce is something to watch out for in the future. This way, your Linux Mint system will be updated on a regular basis without any manual intervention.