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Dating over eager definition. Over-eager - definition - english

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UN-2 Unfortunately, the oceans remain one of the least explored and most poorly understood environments on the planet, despite some tantalizing discoveries over the last century.

OpenSubtitles When everybody else from England and Ireland were on ships heading over to the East Coast, opensubtitles2 We' re closing the final relays now and switching over to a new program Europarl8 Only a few hours after the official functions were provisionally transferred to prime minister Meciar as an interim measure, he had two personal assistants sacked, recalled over half of Slovakia's ambassadors - or at least gave notice of his intention to do so - and suspended the trial of the suspected abductor of the former President's son.

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MultiUn However, many of its elements including the global and regional arrangements have been formalized over time through memorandums of understanding signed by some of the key players Giga-fren The provinces have a great deal of levers, of constitutional jurisdiction over areas such as energy and transportation, and the government of Canada wants to work on a sound partnership basis with the provinces, which—as we expected—are developing their own climate change plans.

Giga-fren The accommodation industry, with a gain of over 3, jobs, as well as the food and beverage industry over 1, jobs led the way.

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UN-2 In addition to over mediation-related deployments inthe Department, in partnership with the United Nations Development Programme UNDPnow provides substantive support to over 40 resident coordinators and United Nations country teams, who work with Member States in efforts to build national capacities for conflict prevention and mediation.

UN-2 The Human Rights Committee and the Special Rapporteur on the promotion and protection of human rights and fundamental freedoms while countering terrorism have expressed concern over the problems caused in Spain by an inadequate definition of terrorism.

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Common crawl Many rooms on the upper floors have fantastic views over the rooftops of Knightsbridge. Giga-fren Furthermore, given the open nature of the Protocol and the possibility that over time its membership will become different from that of the Convention, the establishment of separate rules of procedure and a separate bureau was considered most appropriate for the governance of the instrument.