The Library of Nineteenth-Century Photography The Library of Nineteenth-Century Photography

Dating nineteenth century photographs of babies, the ancestry insider

After some trials Muybridge arranged a costly and elaborate set-up using a row of twenty-four small cameras.

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He hurriedly presented a paper to the Royal Society in and showed some of the pictures he had produced at Lacock.

It also made straightforward use of the process.

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In Barcelona, the photographer and psychologist Norma Grau has created the StillBirth project, devoted to families that have suffered the loss of a child.

These utilised a suggestion by amateur photographer, Dr Richard Maddox, that gelatine would be a much better binder for light-sensitive salts than collodion.

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In the 19th Century, people rarely, if ever, interrupted a meal to snap a photo of the food. Sir Benjamin Stone A rich man, Sir Benjamin Stone regarded photography as an ideal method of recording changing or vanishing customs and ceremonial events in Britain.

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He also photographed drawings and classical sculpture at the British Museum. Ten years later and six years after Niepce's death he wrote an account of his daguerreotype process which ran into over thirty editions in two years.

In the process they lost their photographic qualities and were usually changed by the addition of figures, removal of unwanted detail and so on.

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Mayall established a chain of highly successful photographic studios in London and the provinces and, turning away from daguerreotypes, produced carte-de-visite and cabinet photographs. In the 19th Century, a photograph of a baby was a special treasure.

Nineteenth Century Origins Of Photography

Of course, it was still too complicated for the ordinary man in the street to use, but now the possibilities of photography were explored by a whole range of artists and scientists plus a few money-grubbing charlatans. Richard Beard Although it is probable that Beard, who started his working life as a coal merchant in London, never personally took a photograph, he deserves a place here as one of the first, and possibly the greatest, entrepreneurs of photography.

Bernd and Hilla Becher b.

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