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The plot is straightfoward, and rather unoriginal as Arthurian movies go - love triangle bewteen Arthur, Lancelot, and Guinevere, Modred trying to take over the kingdom, etc.

Cherchez la femme After sacrificing everything for her, Lancelot finds himself a jilted lover who cannot meet the new competition, and repulsed by Gwen's new habit.

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Sing with me, now: Stealing -- This film is NOT public domain. The video is fine. Quite lusty and gory, it's refreshingly mature for a movie about Arthur, although it conforms to a staid and stale Christian worldview.

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Oh, one otherthing, towards the middle, the audio is a bit warpedViews. The movie starts with Arthur becoming king of England and ends with a spectacular battle in which Mordred is defeated.

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It had to have: Dark Moon - favoritefavorite - May 7, Subject: Modred spies on them and informs Arthur of his wife's infidelity. Well paced with good acting, it's definitely worth watching.

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A sub-plot concerns Arthur's effort to forestall a challenge from a rival king, a problem that will inevitably catch Lancelot up in a personal conflict. In order to marry Guinevere, King Leodogran's daughter, King Arthur must find a knight to defeat Leodogran's champion.

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The one thing that makes it stand out is the fact that it is the first? Qual piuma al vento

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