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Dating for busy executives and other criminals, make a comment

Sponsored Prospective bodyguards can look for employers through the SecuroServ app on the in-game smartphone. You can do it here.

Yacht Life All players will be able to buy one yacht on the Docktease website. Thank you for the time you took to read this. Other New Features 10 new stilts houses in Vinwood Hills available for purchase.

Each Yacht comes equipped with an anti-air defense system to help protect against unwanted attacks from rival Organizations and other Freemode attackers. Take a look at our offerings, and let's talk about The VIP challenges Freemode event available for the members of the same organization.


Piracy Prevention is attack and defense on the decks of a luxurious Super Yacht. Who can become a criminal boss? My comment, the first and last one, were all directed at that entitled dude who was complaining that the mod author won't support him because he pirated the game.

Why not try us today? How to cut an Executive Contour You'll also be able to hire other players to work on your team of bodyguards, and fire them when they get out of line.

At the moment there are six of such tests, including: Click on the Pictures above to find out the current status of the corresponding network. Executive Deathmatch puts rival organizations in a Deathmatch-style battle inside of Freemode, with each VIP allotted just 10 lives.