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Dating bronze artifacts, 4 the balls

In Photos: East Asian Trade with New World (Photos)

UFO or Something Else? The Aramaeans never had a unified empire; they were divided into independent kingdoms all across the Near East.

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Ina metal cube was found inside a block of coal, and inan iron pot was discovered in a large chunk of coal. Another family of theories looks to Knossos itself.

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Iron does have one enormous advantage: Check out these photos of the excavation site and artifacts from the dig. Erich Von Daniken, author of Chariot of the Gods created a working model of the bulb, which, when connected to a power source, emits an eerie purplish light.

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Middle Syrian; corresponding to the Late Bronze. Atlantic Bronze Age The Bronze Age in Ireland commenced around BC, when copper was alloyed with tin and used to manufacture Ballybeg type flat axes and associated metalwork.

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Whatever one calls it, bronze is a simple alloy of copper and usually tin, occasionally with traces of other metals for strength, luster, or ductility.

Underwater Structure Scientists discovered a large stone structure beneath the Sea of Galillee in Israel inwhich is made up of tiny stones placed on top of each other.

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These may have a history as far back as the neolithic period and continue in to the Pre-Roman Iron Age, as shown by the Hjortspring boat. Additionally obsidian found at the Rising Whale site has a chemical signature which indicates that it is from the Anadyr River valley in Russia.