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Dating ambassadeur 5000 reels. Abu fishing reels - classic vintage fishing tackle

About two years later a clicker was added. I bought this reel about 6 months ago and it is by far the best one I have!

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The answer is simple: Abu Reel Collection Below can be found information, but not limited to, dating reels, reel cases, model number and letter designations, warning signs of altered reels, version numbers and their meaning.

A reel purchased sometime during the Summer of could have old stock parts from assembled to it.

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From the time ABU's new Thumbar technology came into the market, it revolutionized the sport fishing reel. Black handle paddles can be brought back to full luster by using Armor-All. All reproduction handles will have a flat post pin.

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Virtually all known have beveled rims and either mushroom or screwdriver style takedown screws. A transition was taking place between as an unknown number of models had neither "Record" or "ABU" engraved above "Ambassadeur" on the left side plate.

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If it has large side-mounted hammers it probably also has laminated steel barrels and should be placed over the mantle and cleaned occasionally. This C has correct beveled rim plates, but has mushroom style take down knobs which are more commonly seen on grooved rims.

It was marked with the trade name for Shapleigh Hardware in St Louis around In other words, you shouldn't normally find a reel made in late with grooved rim side plates.

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