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Interacting with the opposite sex is like any other skill—you have to practice, and make a few mistakes along the way, before you become a master. It might not be today or next week, but the longer you leave it the bigger the bill is going to be when it comes.

Learning how to cook and keep your own space livable are also features of a mature man.

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That, along with the huge culture shock completely changed who I was as a person, to the point where the people that have known be for a long time would probably recognise me as before army and after army Pete.

We only get one life, so make the most of it and love every second of it, even the down moments because they make the up moments that much better.

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Focus on cultivating qualities you want in your own personality, not trying to act out a version of what you believe others expect. Become a supporter and enjoy The Good Men Project ad free Your ability to build quality relationships by actually talking to people is far more important.

So, be a leader, a helper, and a strong candidate for promotion. Know How to Sell Yourself Prepare a resume, know your best qualities, and be able to present them cogently.

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Humans are group animals, and the values and habits of those you are constantly hanging out with will become your own. Make friends with people that actually have exciting things to talk about. Whatever you do, do it well.

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Hundreds of new courses are published every month, so you will never run out of material. Think about what your relationships are doing for you at the moment.

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