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Dating a white guy as a latina suspicious it is worse than, 500 words a day on whatever i want

A couple of times I approached a white single guy to talk about work with no other intentions whatsoever, and I could sense them pull back, suspicious that I may have other motives, given that so many women before me did.

They left their own country behind, in look for a delusion called "The American Dream". It is hard for me to not question my attraction when the guy is white. One was openly racist- a white washed rich CHinese girl from Beijing dreaming off marrying a blue-eyed white foreigner, making remarks of small ASian dicks, hating on black people.

Dating Los Latinos Vs White Guys: What’s the Difference?

I dated many many Caucasian females and enjoyed every single moment. Or does he think I am just another Asian chick who is starry eyed over white guys?

I completely agree with the analysis. Do we just avoid the topic of race altogether? Should an expression of such anger and frustration be kept to myself or among other people of color, who can empathize and wouldn't take it as accusatory and angry?

Anon Wed Aug 24, "More than half of them are drug dealers. Why don't you go back to the British Isles? I have six children with white women, and yes that is a heck of alot of child support. When I chose not to engage, I saw his turning to my boyfriend to ask what I said as him stereotyping me as a quiet, demure Asian woman who spoke broken English at best.

A real man goes for what he wants out of life. How do I explain to someone who's never felt oppression in his life the anger, frustration, and helplessness I feel?