Quotes about Control Freak ( quotes) Quotes about Control Freak ( quotes)

Dating a control freak quotes, personal data collected

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If he is interested in planning a vacation, for example, he may become so preoccupied with where it should be, what the itinerary should be, how he should get there, and what to take along that it takes him forever to finally make the trip happen. Since controllers rarely give up easily, be patient.

10 Signs You’re In A Relationship With A Control Freak

No one else can do the job up to their standards. When there is a need to know everything in your life then it creates trouble. Does your partner exhibit any of these warning signs?

They must know NOW.

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Control freaks are typically perfectionists who set impossibly high standards for themselves and others and cannot deal reasonably with the unpredictability of the real world.

The abusers use an assemblage of vehicles to deceive the person they target.

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You can't change them and so, unbelievably, a lot of women simply give them their way. Controllers have opinions for everything and anything. Everything down to what you do, what you wear, what you eat and where you go comes right down to him.

Take notice as they feel empowered when they are on their own turf.

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