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InSohee, the member of Wonder Girls, once reported having a relationship with GD, but it turns out it was only a rumor arisen because they were working in the same place.

This rumor came up to the surface because of some suspicious photos spread in the internet showing them together. Sohee even has GD sticker attached on her laptop.

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For example are the gossips about his relationship with Sohee from Wonder Girls and Kiko Mizuharaan American-Japanese model. GD once get caught by camera shed tears and thrilled when 2NE1 won an award.

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And Taehwan said GD successfully made him jealous. It referred to the fact that thesecandies tasted really good.

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Again, in the Lollipop music video, GD wore pink and Dara wore yellow. GD and Dara did the rap together there.

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Well, for one thing, an agency takes a big risk at least, a risk in their eyes. Applers judged that they both giving advices to each other about these stuff. Dami also often seen wearing the same T-shirt with Dara:

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