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As long you're conforming to what's written in it, nobody will be able to injure you. Then you're supposed to rule it.

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The right eye of the girl was colored in the same emerald-green as her hair, while her left eye was covered by a metal eye patch shimmering with a dark gray lustre. And then those two went their own ways.

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You were chosen by this phantom book after all. After that, just capture and kill anyone hostile to you. The number of rebels opposing him was constantly declining.

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His policies were supported by the citizens with wild enthusiasm. However, every attempt proved to be a failure.

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The people are not thinking of anything other than to stand in the way of each other. They tried to mix poison into his food or planned a bomb attack on him.

There even were some people that tried to form a rebel army or ones that instructed a famous spell caster to curse him.

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Then you're supposed to rule this country on your own. And so, he had become an imposing dictator. The man accepted the book and looked at it with a wondering face. A few years later, a young politician appeared in this country.