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Suit Suits can be used as a dress for American Smooth. Accessories Cufflinks can be of different form and size. A tail shirt is divided into two areas: Very simple - this dress doesn't have any decorations, and because of its simple design it may not look as attractive as other dresses.

Some shirts can have reflecting rhinestones to shine bright. Other types of fasteners are also popular. The Pants Trousers The pants are pure black and have a sewed-in to look freshly ironed. All shirts for ballroom dancing are actually leotards, because it helps to keep the shirt always tucked and neat even if a dancer moves a lot.

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Such approach guarantees that the shirt will always have a perfect look and stay smooth, won't scrunch up, even if you do complicated dance moves.

The same is true for Latin shirts.

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A shirt must be worn with a bow tie; extra accessories such as luxurious cufflinks or shirt studs can level up the attractiveness of your outfit. Practice dress is usually without decorations, comfortable and allows to do various dance moves.