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Meatballs Recommended food source: Wet Goop may be produced if wrong ingredients are input which results in an unsuccessful cooking process read more recipes below.

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However, it features a variety of recipes that, oddly enough, give no benefit whatsoever to the player. Keep an eye on your health while eating taffy.

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Therefore, these are the most efficient recipes possible, giving you the most back for what you put in. A Quick Note I have intentionally excluded recipes that are essentially a waste of time.

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Only a few bee boxes are required for a massive supply of honey. Despite its relative high cost in early game, rushing a Crock Pot may provide a boost to any players, as it greatly enhances the value and efficiency of food items to players; for example, it can turn a Monster Meat into a very efficient food item by combining with 2 Meats and 1 Carrot.

Depending on your reed-gathering abilities, this may come later in your game.

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Store live rabbits in chests for a never-spoiling source of morsels -- stock up, then murder them during winter! Gobblers are somewhat hard to come across.

Bee Boxes and flowers A very well-balanced dish that heals plenty.

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Spoiled Food used in a Crock Pot has a chance to result in Rot ; the spoilage value is averaged among the ingredients, then halved. Ponds I'm not sure if fishing is worth the hassle of making a 9-use fishing rod, finding a pond, and waiting around, but this is an easy way to use fish to restore a large chunk of health.

I have included the amount of hunger, health, and sanity restored for each dish, in addition to the number of days before it spoils. Try not to kill yourself.

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