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Creepypasta dating game quiz, create a visual novel

I popped the question on the seventeenth, as that's how many games we played on our first date. Too pained by the loss of her entire family, she moved to the city a few weeks ago and was living on unemployment, unable to continue working at her job due to the crippling depression and panic she suffered as a result of her abandonment.

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I closed out at that point. The innocent look once seen in the beginning of the video turned into one of excruciating pain. I couldn't watch anymore, so I closed the video.

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Out of the seventeen games we played, I think I made around 23 shots. You know, 'cause she bent over to take her shots, as many pros do.

Creepypasta Quiz Pt. 4

I know that snooping is generally taboo, but curiosity overcame me. I couldn't believe it, I had actually scored a beautiful woman. I complied to her request.

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I was tied to a chair, the same one as was used in previous videos, and was videotaped. And, to be honest, I was always excited when the cue ball landed on my side of the table. My decision was finalized as soon as she brought up her grandkids; I can hardly handle one generation of young ones, much less two.

She tossed me an invite and, seeing as I was a lonely 32 year old man, she didn't have to ask twice. I picked out my best garb and walked out the door. The child's head exploded upon impact, leaving cranial viscera and fluids draped all over the wall.

You fell in love with a serial killer. She either didn't notice or didn't care, as she never pointed it out. She picked up the small solid pieces of the vomit with the knife and slowly licked the knife clean, giggling like a schoolgirl.

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That is, until I realized that there was a specific flower pot that my wife always guarded with her life.