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The first thing to do when you have financial trouble is a budget. Types of Bill Consolidation There are different methods available for bill consolidation.

Consolidated Utility Billing

Just making larger payments each month will of course pay your accounts off faster than just making minimum payments. The benefits extended vary from creditor to creditor, however most, but not all are fairly similar.

Any new consolidated bill format proposed by a CRES provider shall be filed with the commission for approval. D In addition to the information required pursuant to paragraph C of this rule, each consolidated bill issued must include, in that portion of the bill which details the charges from the electric utility, at least the following information: C Consolidated bills shall be accurate, rendered at monthly intervals, and shall contain clear and understandable form and language.

The debtor must be willing to cut up any credit cards included in the bill consolidation loan, perhaps maintaining any that are at low interest or have zero balances - to be used in emergencies only, please!

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An unsecured loan to consolidate one's bills is probably the least used. If an application for a consolidated bill format is not acted upon by the commission within forty-five days after it is filed, the consolidated bill format shall be deemed approved on the forty-sixth day after filing.

Most people who have gotten themselves in too deep do not have the credit score to get an unsecured loan, and the interest rates are generally higher than a loan secured by collateral.

When you consolidate credit cards and other debts thru one of these plans your interest rate should drop and your over all payment may be lower. B A supplier agreement between an electric utility and a CRES provider must provide that if the CRES provider collects customer payments on behalf of the electric utility, the customer's liability to the electric utility ceases to the extent of the payment made and applicable to the customer's account.

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The third and frequently used method is to contact a bill consolidation professional who can take all of the debtor's information and debt and develop a plan to pay it off in a comfortable way.