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The UNICEF virtual private network and global internal e-mail systems generally were not affected and all critical systems were functional within 48 hours. Suggest an example Results: Information technology systems event monitoring was expanded to incorporate the global virtual private network and the entire range of systems servers at headquarters.

It's a microprocessor card running on a virtual private network.

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Secure communications over the Internet through a "virtual private network" between firewalls established at each registry system. I'll just program a trojan to penetrate his virtual private network.

UNAMID will enhance its virtual private network services to allow for secure and reliable remote access on the Internet to internal information and communications technology services, including applications, messaging and other standard systems and services.

UNMIL network can be accessed from anywhere in the world through virtual private network Se puede acceder a la red de la UNMIL desde cualquier lugar del mundo mediante una red privada virtual Since there is no connectivity to Addis Ababa, ECA and the Division are researching the possibility of using a virtual private network for this purpose, an emergent technology that provides secure and private communications using the worldwide Internet.

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Check Point is one of the world's main players in selling firewall and virtual private network VPN software that protects corporate networks from hacking. The United Nations Office at Geneva has just entered into a new contract with four operators for various telecommunication services, such as voice service, worldwide access to the Internet, toll-free numbers, remote local area network access and virtual private network features.

Virtual Private Network Other translations It is anticipated that additional telecommunication links would also be established with other member organizations, through a virtual private network. The UNICEF strategy of setting up its own virtual private network has enabled costs to be contained in the face of exponential growth in network traffic.

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Register to see more examples No results found for this meaning. Es una tarjeta con un microprocesador que corre en un red privada virtual.

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New global contracts with carriers will provide for value-added features to the virtual private network which would allow other organizations and even field locations to join the global contract, allowing better connectivity as well as economies of scale.

Una RPV [ red privada virtual ] puede causar problemas [para los censores] y es posible que requiera bastantes recursos del Estado.

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