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Each of the four races has access to three different types of ships.

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If you install the expansion pack, then in future when you post challenges the game will have a little ticked checkbox which tags your challenge as having content from the order. This also means fighters now have limited fuel and need to refuel at their parent carrier.

If you offer enough, they are even willing to fight against each other. The addition of the play-by-mail multiplayer works quite well for how the game is laid out.

In any case, the order have you in their sights. Each hull has a fixed number of slots into which you can insert various offensive and defensive technologies.

There is so much more than appears on the surface, and that's what makes it so great. Races from left to right: Honor points are used, in turn, to unlock new technologies and upgrades to old ones. Legios is the name of an infamous 'organisation' which terrorizes the whole galaxy.

The more honor points you have left over after placing ships, the more you will gain if you win the battle. GSB looks and sounds good. What isn't available is what modules they have. There's plenty here to work your brain, it just requires a little of that most dreaded, most rare, resource.

There are many orders you can issue: Once you set your armada loose, it's up to your starship design, placement, and initial orders to decide the outcome.

You will lose, refine your ship designs, lose, change your orders, win, rush into the next battle and lose, and refine your ship designs The order ships have pretty poor engines, but those big green throbbing powerplants kick out more juice on order ships.