13 Unique Locations Every True Comic Book Fan Should Visit 13 Unique Locations Every True Comic Book Fan Should Visit

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As fans, it is our duty to do our part in keeping that adventure alive; not just between the pages, but even within ourselves. There are way too many comic book landmarks out there, way too many comic book museums yet to be explored, for us to simply be content hiding behind our laptops and flipping through the digital versions of these classic works of art.

Some have called it the ninth art, a pop-culture concept too big to fit into any other category.

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Understanding this, one can make another connection with Action 8, cover dated January Disclaimer Don't sue me! Some are gory and others are less so. Here are some of the best nerdy museums and landmarks for comic book readers to get you started on your way.

But in those earliest of stories, Superman was still finding his legs, and like any creators, Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster would bring in personal touches to their creation.

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At the end of the day, adventure is at the heart of the story. Such a dramatic event must certainly have impacted them, and Action 8 seems to prove it.

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Ask any comic book fan, and they will tell you this is true. Under bombardment by the US Air Force, he makes sure their bombs help in the wrecking job!

So journey we shall, into the caves and castles and museums and post offices Post offices? Action Comics 11 gives Cleveland another mention! And sure enough, this comes up again in Action 11, a story in which the Man of Steel metes out justice to 2 crooked stock brokers; in one segment of the story Superman finds oil on supposedly dry land, prompting a shocked worker to ask to speak to his bosses in Cleveland.

Others take on crime, politics, and suspense.

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This site is intended to be accessible to people of all ages, though mildly offensive language and innuendo may be used. Indeed, the last panel of the story shows Clark Kent shaking hands with the embattled police chief while wishing he could thank Superman for a job well done!

Uhm…okay…somewhat radical, but who am I to argue with a man who could crush my skull like a grape?

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