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OpenSubtitles I would say that it was soccer that put me in touch Common crawl On the one hand, we have the Peruvian cocaleros of the Tocache region and the cities of Tingo Maria and Huanuco regions who are opposed to the government's plans to eradicate their crops.

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Common crawl Recently, eight cocaleros coca farmers were sentenced to 30 years in prison with no possibility of parole, an important city councilor was detained for allegedly transporting explosives and then freed, and 16 cocalero leaders were accused of damaging private property and intimidating cultivators of alternative development crops.

Common crawl Several guests from Peru and other countries, including Colombian coca growers' leader Omaira Morales, were also present, and demonstrated their support for the Peruvian cocalero movement.

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We are the largest No. Common crawl The population of the Tropico de Cochabamba - the official name for the coca-growing Chapare region - is estimated at more than , of which around 35, belong to cocalero organizations.

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