- Don't Blush Baby! Chris Gayle Flirts With Female Reporter During Live Interview - Don't Blush Baby! Chris Gayle Flirts With Female Reporter During Live Interview

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Also know that what goes on in cricket is at the milder end of the scale. Almost everything about sport has improved in the past few decades, yet still women are unable to simply turn up to work and do their job properly without being slobbered over by lecherous simpletons like Gayle.

Press Trust of India Updated: The wider problem is cricket is littered with sexism. It's not a nightclub — it's actually a workplace, it's Chris Gayle's workplace and it's Mel McLaughlin's workplace and those comments border on harassment and are inappropriate for cricket and inappropriate for the workplace.

Cricket remains largely an old boys club and women in the game are seen as afterthoughts, if they are seen at all. They are served up to the community of commentators in the SonyMax studio and on the field as occasional eye-candy and the source of much adolescent giggling and sniggering.

Cricket Australia and Big Bash League officials did not see the funny side of what Gayle later said was meant as a joke. Entertainment, things get out of proportion, but these things happen The Indian Premier League is perhaps the prime example of institutionalised sexism in India.

AFP But the question Gayle needs to ask himself is how could they not be disrespectful when she was doing her job but he was treating her like an object? When they leave at the end of the day they can settle in for a scroll down their social media mentions, which run the full gamut of the deeply broken male psyche.

Domestic cricket comprises only one T20 tournament and one over tournament.

It's not just Chris Gayle: sport media's Blokesworld mindset needs to change

It was a simple joke. In many workplaces, just as in life itself, women are made to feel uncomfortable every single day. More like arm yourself with mace.