"El prejuicio conflictual en el "choque de civilizaciones"" by Fernando Villaseñor Rodríguez

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Personally I am not convinced that a clash of civilisations is underway. But, of course, nothing would serve their intentions better than a clash of civilizations.

It must not be allowed to engender a clash of civilizations.

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Al adoptar esta clase de documento se adentra en el terreno del choque de civilizaciones. They camouflage their evil designs by invoking religious prejudice in the hope of heightening a clash of civilizations.

Es absolutamente acertado que tengamos que dejar claro que no es un choque de civilizaciones.

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Suggest an example Results: By adopting such a document it was entering the realm of the clash of civilizations. Mr President, ladies and gentlemen, the American political scientist Samuel Huntington once predicted a clash of civilizations.

It is absolutely right that we have to make it clear this is not a clash of civilisations.

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Pero la amenaza terrorista de hoy no es el choque de civilizaciones de Samuel Huntington. The answer, however, does not lie in easy stereotypes about some clash of civilizations.

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This is the root of the clash of civilizations. Alexander's invasion of the East was a true a clash of civilizations.

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