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Choi young do and jo myung soo dating, find a tv show or movie

No, everything wasn't perfect.

The King Dae Joyoung

Just for me, just for right now" Rated: Anyone may receive showers of arrows in life But why is the target on my heart so big for me?

But there was something missing. She often gives advice to Kim Tan's mother. After all, the hand he's been dealt has only favoured him with success, and not happiness.

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Why have I fallen deeply into shallow scars? She was hurt many times even before falling in love so she does not want to imagine how it will feel when she does. He is picky about the women he dates, but what is the similarity between them? He is 26 years old this year and in just two years, he'll inherit his father's legacy.

Her family is fairly wealthy and she never had to worry about a single thing in her well organized life. Emotions run from one end to another But for a slow-paced me, I fall behind and out of breath I cannot hold my heart and I lose the world A few steps more is happiness but I raise each step a little more Anyone can be Rated: What if Myung Soo meets Eun Sang first?

While she was there she created her own firm, which quickly became a hit.