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See the top 10 Chinese knockoffs. They brought on older contestants and added a third host, a matronly professor from the provincial Communist Party school.

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Wang pushed ahead with his version, which Unilever had wanted to sponsor. The new ones were more subdued.

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It broke viewership records in the first half of Wang and Xing Wenning, a media entrepreneur now with the Hearst Corporation. The move was part of a larger campaign nationwide and across many sectors to get rid of pornography, clean up the media and the Internet, and stop the corruption of young people.

Soon I realized her game.

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The other problem with these shows is the quality of the judges, Han explains. I suppose if the government finds them, these people running Chinese dating show with fake online dating accounts would be in a big-big trouble. However, when it comes to dating, maybe there are some people who may try to make a fool out of you.

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So much for "true" love All have toned down references to material wealth and sex. But on China's reality shows, it can at least get you a date.

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Angelo Blind Date is an American dating game show. After his rejection, one of the other beautiful contestants said that she would like to date him instead.

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