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The movie market is still very small in China.

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Culture, especially film, has been cited as a key component to China's ambition to wield more so-called "soft power. InDVDs of recent films could be purchased for as little 60 cents a piece. Of the films were made in China in less than half made it to theaters.

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In more than films were madeabout as many as in America. New shopping centers have American-style multiplex theaters Time Warner opened about a dozen movie theaters in China but decided to sell them in after new laws required Chinese controls and because of limits on foreign films allowed.

Meanwhile, financial and private investors are interested in investing in several major film companies, comparable to buying shares at a high price.

The biggest losers are Chinese filmmakers and distributors.

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The heroine Ermo is a doughty noodle-maker bent on regaining her social status in the village; she sets her heart on earning and saving enough to buy the largest TV set in the country, even if it kills her - which it begins to look like doing.

Financial experts rich in cultural capital enjoy great popularity these days.

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Professor of Beijing Film Academy, wrote: Some pirated DVDs are filmed with hand-held videos in American movie theaters on opening day, then taken to Asia by plane, copied on clandestine CD printing machines, and released on the streets within a few days. The Swordsman in Double Flag Town:

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