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In fact Argentina has always been one of the best soccer-playing nations on the planet. Very family-oriented The family is the core of the Argentinean society and here large extended families are still common.

Most Argentinians are primarily of European descent, which separates them from other Latin American countries where European and Indian cultures are more mixed. In general, Argentinians prefer third-party introductions, so you should wait for your host or hostess to introduce you to others at a small gathering.

In fact in some ways it sounds more like Italian than Spanish.

What are Argentinian Men like - Dating Guys from Argentina

Other languages spoken here are Italian, German, English and French. Also the approval or at least acceptance of the family is crucial in case of serious relationships. What this means for you is that your Argentinean boyfriend will woo and court you in a dramatic and exalted way but will not take well to being corrected in public.

Passionate about soccer Argentina is a soccer-crazy country; thus it is no wonder that men here discuss the sport all the time- at work, at the bar, on the street corner and even at the dinner table.

Here the sport is not only closely followed at the international level but local games among city clubs and teams also command huge crowds.

And if you are looking to impress your Argentinean boyfriend, try to show an interest in the sport or at least familiarize yourself with its rules. They take good care of their bodies and invest time and money into developing an attractive personal style.

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However in your enthusiasm for the game, remember not to praise any of the Brazilian soccer players by mistake before your Argentine boyfriend since the two countries are supposed to be arch-enemies on the soccer field.

Even at the workplace where the suit is the norm, you will find Argentinean men carrying the formal attire with flair. Argentinean families make it their business to know who their sons and daughters are seeing.

Along with the fact that guys here are natural blessed with good looks, Argentinean men in general are quite conscious of their appearance. People here take their reputation very seriously and are more likely to take up a challenge when posed in the context of honor than merely incited by financial gain.

The upside of the dependence on family is that the latter works as an important support structure in times of emotional or financial need of its members.

So if you belong to a North European culture, you may feel rather disconcerted seeing that here men here are quite the touchy-feely type.